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Awake the Genius Within your Mind

This book is about YOU! It will show you that you have been using only a small part of your real abilities-that in your subconscious mind, or "subliminal mind," as scientists sometimes call it, there is a sleeping giant who, awakened, can lead you to fame and fortune almost overnight! A Genius of your Mind as powerful, as capable of fulfilling your every desire, as the marvelous Genius of Aladdin's Lamp ever was. This book has been read all over the world and nsigns in clear and simple terms how you can improve and even transform your life experience through a correct understanding of immutable spiritual laws. It is a tremendous link in our goal of discerning Truth. We are treated to great examples of God's laws, miracles, desires, giving, goodness, haste, what people will think, reciprocity and novelty. The spiritual laws outlined in this book are timeless and infallible - the same yesterday, today and forever. "The law always works - everywhere - now and forever. Two and two make four, by mathematical law, in New York or Kansas City, in Paris or Tokyo, in the cathedral or in prison, in the home or in the dive, on earth or on Mars, today or in Caesar's time, now or in eternity." As explained in this book, there is a principle for receiving from your Inner Genius that involves you giving in order to receive. You must become an open channel through which God's abundance can flow freely, not only into your life but also into the lives of others through you. It is recommended that you read this book completely from beginning to end and then re-read it from time to time to refresh your memory. The mind is prone to revert to its old ways of thinking if given half a chance, so you will find it helpful to keep reminding yourself of these great truths by rereading the book often. The principles outlined and explained here have worked for countless thousands of people in the past, and thousands more are proving the truth every day. No matter what your current circumstances in life are, the Genius within your mind is waiting patiently to give you your heart's desire. Now relax, sit comfortably and let us begin our exciting journey of self-discovery!

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