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"I AM what I CHOOSE to become" - Carl Jung Wisdom

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  • Ram Dass - Let Your Relationships Become A Vehicle For Freedom

  • Jim Rohn - Why A Positive Attitude Attracts Success (Jim Rohn Personal Development)

  • This Is Why You Feel LOST & UNHAPPY In Life! (Change Everything) | Gabor Matè

  • What they don't tell you about entrepreneurship | Mark Leruste | TEDxCardiff

    Starting your own business will solve everything that’s wrong about your job, your life and more importantly, about how you feel. Becoming an entrepreneur will give you more flexibility, more freedom, more joy, more recognition, more meaning and hopefully on the long run, more money. Right? The reality of being an entrepreneur is much harder than most people are willing to open up about. In a culture where successful entrepreneurs are idealised like rock stars it's easy to feel like we're not good enough when comparing ourselves to the picture that’s painted by social media. Mark Leruste exposes the truth behind the life of the every-day entrepreneur and why it’s important that we talk openly and truthfully about the pressures and struggles associated with starting a business and what it actually feels like. Finding your path isn’t always…

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